Books lover

One of my favourite writer ever is Nora Roberts because not did she wrote a ton of amazing and incredibly good novels as she continues to write them one after one to satisfy her readers addiction, which I might be one of them.

My favourite books at the moment must be one of her series, “The Bride Quartet”, because besides being a beautiful story about 4 friends running their own wedding-planning company and founding their own soul-mate, as I really can see myself in one of the protagonists, Laurel McBane, in the book “Savour the moment” in which we can really understand her.


We have loads of things in common:

  • I love to bake cakes and desserts (probably not so much to want to be a professional baker but anyway…);
  • I’m as stubborn as she seems to be;
  • I’m as realistic about life and love as she seems to be;
  • And the list continues cause our personality seems to be quite alike.

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