Stay hydrated

Hey everyone! You  know what, Autumn is  here and winter is next, and our skin needs a little more care to survive the cold weather. Thinking about  that I came with two thing you must do to protect it!

  1. Drink water: the first one is quite obvious but needs a reminder because most of us don’t really care about it and don’t drink enough water to hydrate their body!água
  2. Moisturize your skin: Is essential to moisturize your skin all year but mostly in the winter because your skin tends to dry more quickly than in the summer! For that there are loads of brands and types of moisturizers so you can use whatever you want but try to use one that really hydrates your skin. This are some suggestions:

nivea-creme-60ml neutrogena

ATENTION!!: you must do this all year round, not only in the winter because your skin needs protection on every single season!

Hope you enjoyed this post and keep hydrated! And share this with your friends! *-*


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