Season colors

Hey everybody! This post will be about how colors are important all year round. Our clothes and accessories are the first thing to pop out when we go outside, whether is because of the shapes of it or ,more often, because of their colors. In the summer  lighter colors are the chosen ones and in the winter  the dark ones.

So this are my favourite colors of this seasons (beside black and white):

  • Marsala wine – It’s my number one color this season just because is an elegant and warm color at once.


  • Stormy weather – It’s just a shade of grey but it’s a very elegant color and is good for all types of day, even if you are moody of super happy.


  • Navy – This color is still a very wanted color just because of being itself.In different shades as well, can be very versatile, so that’s the reason everybody likes it.


  • Dried herb – Despite the name, this color isn’t dead at all and it’s been used for a long time now, known as a military color as well.


So that’s it, this are my favourite colors for this season! Let me know what are your favourite colors to wear this seasons and share this with your friends! *-*



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