◊Hi everyone!◊

As 2016 as started, I put myself some goals to achieve this new year.

One of then is to be more healtier and I’ve been trying yoga lately. Beside being very good to your body since yoga exercise your elasticity and help you to get fit, it really is a a way to get time for yourself and get out of all that stress that goes along with you everyday  caused by work or even family problems. And you don’t even have to be a professional and be able to do  all the strange and difficult positions that we see whenever we hear and read about yoga, you can always just enjoy trying.

And the best of it is that your mind gets clearer and that makes you happier.

I hope you’ll try yoga someday and feel it by yourself.



2 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. I started yoga the other day and I absolutely love it! I wouldn’t class myself as a sporty person or someone that likes exercise but I am already aiming to do 30 minutes of yoga a day I love it so much! I just love how it calms you and it is still toning your body and making you look great at the same time!

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    1. That’s exactly the way that I feel!! And that was my aim with the post, yoga isn’t just for people who likes to practice sport, is really for everyone!

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