Lipstick collection


Hello everyone!

If you are a women you probably recognize that a lipstick is one of a women’s best friend. You can wear a lipstick just by himself or elaborate a beautiful makeup with it, some concealer and eyeliner.

I’ve been loving lipsticks lately and have been purchasing some and my auntie gave me some as well, and I’m going to show you my full collection of them.

  1. The first one is a dark coral, in the shade rose-bud, from a brand called “wet n wild“.
  2. The second one seems to be very similar to the first one but is actually more a wine colour, in the shade wine room, from the same brand as the first one and it’s been one of my favourites.
  3. The third one is a red cherry colour, in the shade 036 from a brand called “Wapa cosmetics” and was been given to me on my birthday by my group of friends.
  4. The next one is a light pink , in the shade 20 Get the look, from a brand well known called “essence“.
  5. The fifth one is a coral, very similar with the first one and was my first lipstick ever. In the shade 01 Coral Calling , from “essence“.
  6. The sixth one is a nude, in the shade 15 Oh So Matt! , from “essence” as well.
  7. The next one is a light nude, in the shade Nude 50 , from “DOLCE & GABBANA” and I’m waiting for a especial occasion to wear it *-*.
  8.  And finally, the last one is my favourite ever, as I wear it a lot at school. Is in a wine/cherry colour in the shade 19 Vintage Mauve and is from a brand called “Cien” that I bought in a supermarket called “Lidl”, here in Portugal but it may exist in other Lidls around Europe.

Now that I showed my collection, please let me know what shades do you wear the most.










2 thoughts on “Lipstick collection

  1. This is such a cute collection xox

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