Mini decoration

Hello everybody!

Some weeks ago, my mom found this glass picture that I made in a hand craft lesson with her when I was little, and I had the idea of writing here about tiny decorations you can make or something that you think is trash but can be used as a decoration.

So here are some ideas:

  • You can do as I did and find something shiny or just cute and put it in front of your window, in this way you can see it and other people that pass by it, will see it too ;-P.
  • Another thing you can make is too buy something old and give it another look by painting it or sticking things on it, as some frame picture, or a box for you jewellery.
  • Or you can just “Google” some idea of decoration and I’m sure you can find something easy to make, chip and cute at the same time!!!


♥ Jenny


2 thoughts on “Mini decoration

  1. Jenny i must a admit i’m impressed. Carry on with good ideas and good posts. Pretty sure youll suceed. You go girl!
    Best regards, a fellow.


    1. Thank you a lot!! I appreciate that.


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