How my hair got better

♦Hello everybody!!♦

Today this post will be about hair… my hair!

My hair has been very dry along this years and it’s not even because I treat it bad but I guess it’s his nature. I try to cut it regularly but it doesn’t work just by cutting it and I’ve wanted to let it grow so I don’t cut it that often now.

I’ve trying different products along the years which never worked as this one that I’ve been using lately. Magically this products together have been working really well on my hair! Now is visibly softer and my curls are more perfect.

My hair routine it’s been washing it every two days (and I know that I should wash it less times but I feel it getting dirty and oily and I don’t like that feeling). The first thing that I do is wash it with shampoo ( Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Repair), then apply mascara ( novex Meus Cachos), wait a few minutes and wash the mascara out. Finally, brush it and apply the oil elixir ( Schwarzkopf Gliss Oil Elixir)  from the middle to the tips.


Thank you for reading my blog and come back next week with another post!

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