3 bags – multiple occasions

🔹Hello everybody !
Every female needs bags in her closet (in my opinion).
I’m going to show you a bunch of bags that I think (especially) young females need to have. Mines are/or have black  but you can buy them in many other colors, especially, if it’s a trending color.
▶The first one is a backpack style ,with a lot of pockets, that you can buy almost everywhere these days, in different sizes and is the most “handy” bag that I ever owned cause you can use it for school, for hanging with friends or just simply cause you want to. I don’t really remember the brand of mine but I bought it from a bag shop in the city that I live and it cost around 30 euros.


▶The second one is a shoulder bag , a little bit smaller for a date or hanging out with friends or other ocasions that you don’t need much to take with you. Mine was a gift for my birthday and it was from Parfois .


▶The last one is a clutch style that you can use for fancy dates or more fancy night outs. I bought mine from sales at Parfois and it cost around 10 euros which was a bargain. There is different styles of clutches as round ones, square ones, bigger or smaller ones or material ones so you have a lot of choice in stores.


Thank you for reading this till the end and don’t forget to give it a like if you liked the post. Also, leave a comment so I can know your opinion about what I wrought.


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