Dishes at Porto

🔸Hello everybody!
Food is something that I love, not because I really love to eat but because I love to cook and try new food, new ingredients and new recipes from different parts of the world.
Last week I showed you some things that I saw on my trip to Porto and this week I’m going to show you what I ate whilst there.

At the first day we got pasta at a place called “Stupendo”. Mine was with chicken, pineapple and olives.


At dinner we ate hamburguers at “Munchie” that I already talked to you about. Mine was a chicken hamburguer and it was very tasty.


  The next day we had the famous “francesinha” at lunch. This dish has a lot of meat in it and is quite spicy therefore I only ate half of it. But I guess it’s pretty good for meat lovers.


At dinner we went to an indian restaurant and I really enjoyed the meal. It was the first time that I tried Indian food and I got in love with it.


Finally, before we got back home we lunched crêpes and detox juices. Surprisingly very tasty.


Let me know if you like to discover new food and what was your favourite one yet.


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