How to treat acne


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In this post I will talk a little about my experience with acne. This post was requested and if you want me to write about something in particular just ask for it!

The biggest problem for teenagers and for some adults is acne. To some it may appear in adolescence and go trough adulthood and for others it may just start when they’re already adults. This is a big concern that can be treated with time and a lot of care with your skin.

In my case, I do have acne for while now, but luckily just in the face which is great because a lot of people have in many other places. Lately it has turned worst but I started treat it better and I’m noticing some improvements.

I’m not a doctor or anything like that, but I’m going to tell you what does work with my skin:

  • The first thing and the most important one is to wash your face every day at least twice a day with some cleansing gel and there’s a lot of brands and different products that you can use to replace the cleansing gel but helps you to clean your skin as well.
  • After the washing I usually clean my skin again, now with rose water or miscellar water.
  • Other important step is the moisturising, you NEED to moisturize your skin, even if it’s oily, every day after the washing. Nowadays there’s a lot of products that are indicated to oily skin and lets it with a matt effect.

These were things that you must do everyday of the week. But these things don’t help you enough.

  • Once a week, you have to exfoliate and apply a mask so you’re skin gets a deeper clean and the nourishment she needs to regenerate new skin and replace the dead one.

Products as exfoliators and masks with aloe vera, cucumber or seaweed are the most suggested and recommended but I haven’t tried them yet. That’s definitely something that I want to try in the future.

Also, there is a lot of advices in the internet about this matter, you only have to search for it if your really interested.

Hope you liked this post and  hope you care of your skin as much as she needs.




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