Returning into blogging and Prom night


Hello everybody!

I’m so sorry for my absence here for the past month or so.

I´ve been very busy with school and I’m still struggling with studying  for my exams but I decided that I will start blogging again once a week as I did before.

For my big return I’m bringing to you all my prom night outfit.

As many teenagers finishing High school this year, I enjoyed very much my prom night and I was able to dance till my feet got sore. I hope that wherever you were at your prom night, you were able to enjoy it as much as I did with mine.

Lets get to the “business” now.

I decided to wear a vintage midi skirt with a top and go against the classic long prom dresses.

So I was able to get a hand made red vintage skirt for about 50€ and I bought a white 3/4 sleeve top that cost me 21€.

For accessories I took a clutch that I had a home, some shiny hooks for my hair, a pair of simple pearl earrings, two shiny rings, a bracelet and necklace from GUESS that my aunty gave to me.

Talking about shoes now, I wasn’t able to find anything that I liked or that suited me very well so I took some black sandals that my mom had.

And last but not least, I had my hair made by a hairdresser and it turned out to be so gorgeous that pictures can´t show it as it should.


All in all I went very simple but I kind of enjoyed not going all fancy because in the end that party was for us to enjoy our mates company for (possibly) the last time.

Hope everyone enjoyed my “returning into action” post and let me know what did you wear at your prom ;-).

Feel free to check out m to see more pictures of my prom night:



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