Shorts for the summer

♥♥Hello everybody!

Welcome to summer!!

It’s getting warmer and warmer each day that passes by and I love it!

In this post I will give my opinion about a piece of cloth that has to be in your closet every summer !! TAHDAH —-> “Shorts ”

They are made in very different materials nowadays but in my opinion nothing can compare to denim shorts. Therefore two of the three pairs that I’m going to show you are denim ones.

Starting with my number one favourites: simple denim shorts a little bit high waisted in a medium denim blue colour that goes with everything, beginning with a simple top and going till a elaborated blouse. This one can’t miss in your closest for sure.

This ones are from PRIMARK and they cost me 5 € in sales.


The other denim ones that I’m going to show you are some ripped ones cause “why not?”.

Everybody has them and it’s “trendy” to wear ripped jeans so “why not” wear ripped shorts too? You can implement a rocky style with them, for example.

This ones are from BERSHKA and I can remember how much I paid for them because I bought them two years ago.



Finally, light and flowy shorts that you can wear everyday as well, because they are so comfy that you’re going to want to sleep with them.

Mines are from PRIMARK  and cost me 5€.


I’ll enjoy very much if you followed this blog , thxx ❤



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