Summer Day off outfit

Hello Everyone!!

Summer is on! The only thing that you want to do is o the beach or simply just relax your body but you might have the big problem of having to go everyday to work. You probably have one day off per week or if your lucky, two, and your summer holidays are quite far away. In that matter all you need for that day off is a nice cosy outfit to get along that precious day.

Here’s my favourite one for a day like that.

The shorts are from Primark, the top is from Kiabi and the sandals are hand made (wich I bought from a fair).


Some nice light shorts and top, a pair of sandals and don’t forget your sunglasses.

Now your ready for walking around your town, go meet with your friends or even doing a bit of shopping 😉

Let me now in the comments how do you spend your days off and don’t forget to enjoy them.



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