Beach Vibes

♥Hello everyone!!!

Hope you’re  all doing great!!!

So… lately I have been on vacation from school and I have the advantage of living in a country with a lot of sun in the summer and the weather is so good for beach days that this is all you can think during the summer season.

Despite living near the beach I rarely find time to go there but whenever I actually do, it releases all my stress.

You definitely should spent you holidays at the beach, listen the sound of the ocean, walk around the beach, play some beach games with your friends and family, go swimming, etc.

Plus, you get some colour for your skin, leaving behind the pale one ;-P


At this time of the year, the beach is usually full, some may not like that, they are tired of people and just want some peace but I don’t mind that because they are there for the same reason as you: on vacation and to relax. Just enjoy their company and who knows what friendship you may make.

Despite where you’re spending you holidays just enjoy them!! Forget all the problems and have fun! 😀




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