Big changes

Hello Everyone!

So recently I haven’t been around here and you must think… she quit blogging or simply didn’t care because you didn’t even know about me and my blog.

(Well, in that case, welcome to my blog and enjoy your reading!)

Coming to the main subject, I didn’t quite: first I got a summer job and I literally spent more time at work than at home and the other main reason for my absence was… ” drums”… I moved to England!!!!



Yes, that’s right, I moved from Portugal to England to study. Now I can finally write in English and nobody asks “why? , why don’t you write in Portuguese so we can read your posts?, it doesn’t make sense!”.

Well, now it does.

So, speaking more about my decision… it all started at a university fair back in Portugal where I wasn’t satisfied with any university that had a Marketing course, none of them seemed really interesting to me and then I found a way to come study to England :-D.

A few months after and here I am!! Doing a proper marketing course, more precisely, doing BA(Hons) Marketing with advertising management, (which I’m loving so far), at Southampton Solent University.

Even the city is amazing:

Now I have a lot to write to you about! Beginning with my week in London at the beginning of September and continuing with my day to day adventures and struggles to live for the first time alone ( and even in a different country).

I’m going to write a few more posts about my first month in England, so if you have any questions about it or simply are curious about it, don’t hesitate in sending a comment or sending me an email (which I’ll leave at the end of the post).

These were big changes for me, but with which I’m proud of. The best thing you can do for yourself is think and do things outside the box and your comfort zone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and think about what you could do or have done that changed your life in a good way.

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♥ Jenny




3 thoughts on “Big changes

  1. Welcome to our City – hope you work hard and play hard!

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