Adventures in London

Hello Everyone!

Here I am ,writing as promised last week. (I’m really proud of myself)

For those who read my post from last week, you’ll know the context of this post, for those who didn’t : go check and read that one first and then come back to this one.

So, after my arrival to the big city, I stayed at my Godmother’s flat for a week. During that time I got in the adventure of discover London by myself. Mostly just walking around Kensington( which is a very nice place to live in London) just with a map that I bought from Waterstones (Which is really nice btw, for a person (like me) who loves books, that shop it’s just the paradise!!!).

I actually walked a lot that week, went to different parks around there as Holland park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens:

                             (The first two photos are from Hyde Park and the other two are from a      Japanese garden at Holland Park).

In one of those days I felt more adventurous and got to Covent Garden and Trafalgar Square( which I’ve been before but it still amused me as the first time). Been to the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery with their amazing paintings (really recommend seeing them in person).

Honestly one of the best places to live (in my opinion), you literally have everything in a single city, you just walk 2km and you’re in completely different place.

Can’t really put in words the beauty of it so here’s some more photos that I tuck that week in places as Portobello Road or still near Kensington.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading (and seeing) this post, keep following my blog for more and feel free to comment down bellow your thoughts and what you would like me to write about.

PS: Next post will be about Southampton (the city where I currently live) so don’t miss it next week.




2 thoughts on “Adventures in London

  1. London is definitely so beautiful 🙂

    Cheers Diana |

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