Southampton’s newest addition


Hello everybody!

This will be the third and last post related toe moving to England. If you haven’t read the other two, go read them first, here’s the links:

1st post:

2nd post:

Anyways… if you are too lazy to do so, just stick to this one.

Basically, Southampton will be my “home” for the next couple of year (at least).

When I first arrived it was quite confusing cause I was supposed to be checking in in my Halls at a certain hour but because I got lost, I managed to get 10 minutes later, which apparently didn’t really mattered :-s. Everything was fine after all!

The first few days was a complete mess, I had to do some shopping, carrying around lots of shopping bags and the only things that I discovered first was the location of the main shops cause I needed some things for my room(including a pillow).

When I had sorted out those things, I could finally enjoy getting to know the city.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the amount of parks it has( literally one in each corner) which made me very happy cause I didn’t had that much back in my city in Portugal . And even the beauty of them:


And the second one, and not less important, was the shopping centre (West Quay) and the main shopping road. It was the paradise for me as I always enjoyed exploring shops. I’m probably the only person in the world that can actually go to a shop just to wander around without buying anything. Of course I sometimes want to buy something but don’t really feel the need to…

Last but not least( and I’m so sorry for this post being so long), the university is amazing, they opened a new building this year and I have the privilege of having half of my classes there! It’s all technology and innovation!

Couldn’t choose better city to spend my uni years, starting with the people, the city and finishing with the university, all amazing.

Really glad that a change this big in my life could be the best choice I ever made till now.

Here’s a few more photos of the city:


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2 thoughts on “Southampton’s newest addition

  1. Hola! Ah! you come from Portugal. I lived in the Algarve for 5 years. I loved the Portuguese countryside, but can understand how you love our manicured parks. I walk through the parks to the Town Quay rather than go via the main street. I value our green spaces more than the Port itself. There is also The Common, the Riverside Park and Victoria Country Park to explore while you are here. While they are safe in the day, unfortunately unlike Portugal, they are not very safe at night and if you do have to walk through them at night, please make sure that you are not on your own. Até logo – Sol


    1. Oh nice!! Thank you for the advises!!

      Liked by 1 person

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