Halloween’s easiest costume

Hello everybody!!

In this week’s post I’ll bring you a bit of Halloween vibes… just because I really like Halloween.. and just because some of you may enjoy it as well!

So, I kind of didn’t want to spend much money with a proper costume so I improvised a simple one..”Home made Zombie”… that you may have actually seen… so it’s not that creative but it’s efficient!

The only things that I actually bought was some fake blood and a simple white t-shirt, the rest of the clothes and makeup that I used were the ones I already had, which makes this costume very cheap.( Hey, I’m at Uni.. I have to save money!!)

Anyway… speaking of makeup, what I did was apply a bit of foundation(whiter than my  natural shade) on some spots that looked too red and to take a bit of colour from  my face(which probably didn’t worked very well cause I was quite ill at the time).

For my eyes what I used was some grey eye shadow around my eyes and a red lip liner as an eye liner and then blended it a bit to look like I had real red eyes( which being ill actually helped cause a already had them a bit red anyway)…

For my lips I just applied a purplely pencil lip gloss (not very well, but that’s the point… not being perfect) and a bit of red lipstick on the inside of my lips so they could look unhealthy (if that makes sense).

And then I put some fake blood near my nose (as if I was bleeding) and near one of my eyebrows.

Here are the products that I used:

20161029_165418.jpgFake blood from Asda but you can buy it everywhere; Lip liner from NYX (shade CLPL20 – plush red); Eye shadow from Essence ( shade 34-love that grey!);Pencil lip gloss from KIKO( shade 12); Lipstick from Wapa cosmetics ( shade 0036 V)

Then I just messed with my hair a bit and put some blood on my arms…

Finally, for the outfit I wore a white t-shirt, put a fake blood all over it and ripped the t-shirt making some holes on it, and wore some normal black jeans, nothing special.


T-shirt from Primark

Hey, I really want to know what was your Halloween costume or what it’s going to be,so leave a comment down bellow.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween’s easiest costume

  1. Love how simple this is, the fake bloody really added to all!


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