Xmas Vibes

Hello everybody!!

As you may know, Halloween is over and some started thinking about the next big celebration which is : Christmas!!!

I’ve been seeing in the last couple of days a lot of bloggers and other personalities posting on social media about Christmas and if I can be honest with you guys… I’m getting VERY EXCITED!!!

First of all, I absolutely love Christmas… in my opinion is the “best time of the year” ( as the song says).

Secondly, apparently I’m not the only one… as a lot of you guys love it too (sorry if you’re the few ones that actually don’t… you can stop reading this as this post is entirely dedicated to Christmas).

In order to that, I decided to buy some tiny decorations for my room to start feeling the Christmas vibes:


The only things that I bought were some Raffia and Jute Set from WHSmith for £2.99,

some fairy  lights from Primark for £1.50 and some Christmas baubles in black, copper and gold from Primark, as well, for £2.

What I did with them was put the fairy lights and the some of the baubles, putting them in a piece of jute, sticking them with tape into my wall.

It’s easy and looks cute.

Now, don’t judge me… I wasn’t even the first person thinking about Christmas, I was influenced by others.

Anyways, hope you liked this post, if so, please give it a like and subscribe to my blog to read more about Christmas and other stuff in the following months.

Please let me know what is your favourite thing about Christmas as I would love to know.

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Ps: I’m really sorry about the quality of some pictures, my phone hasn’t got the best camera ever :/




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