Wishlist: Velvet dresses

Hello everybody!!

We finally arrived to that time of the year when everybody starts talking about Christmas and doing wish lists. I personally love Christmas so starting posting about that is very exciting to me.

I’ll be writing some wish lists about different things and Christmassy posts about presents, decorations and other things related so stick around my blog if you want to read more(self promo over here! )

Anyway… this weeks post is all about velvet dresses and some that I’ve seen that really caught my eyes.

1. The first one is from Zara ( £29.99) and it’s really pretty. What I loved about it was the lace details which without them the dress would look too simple. It’s something that you can use both for just a casual outfit or for something more fancy with some shiny accessories. You can never go wrong with a black dress.



2. The second one just caught my eye for the simplicity of it, and for looking so comfy at the same time… you can add a choker as in the picture and it looks so good for a night out!!! This one is from River Island (£40). Have I expressed my adoration for this burgundy colour already?


3. Ohh this one(New Look (£19.99))… looks so elegant and simple at the same time!!! And this faded pink is so adorable!!! Perfect for a super romantic night or a special event during the evening!!


4. The fourth one is very simple as well but what I liked most about it was the V-neck detail.. totally transforms the dress. This one is from Boohoo.com (£20) and I definitely would wear this  for a night out adding a few simple accessories.



5. And last but not least, this gorgeous simple grey shirt dress from ASOS (£39) which is perfect for everyday outfits and it honestly seems to be the comfiest dress ever…


The best thing about all this dresses is 100% the fact that Velvet is one of the bests fabrics to use during the autumn and winter since it keeps you amazing and warm at the same time.

What is your opinion about velvet dresses or any other velvet piece of clothing? I would love to know what you think about it so leave a comment down bellow and if you want to keep updated with my posts I would recommend to follow my blog…hehehe (here I am again doing self promo..).

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