Favourite winter scarfs

Hello everybody!!

This weeks issue is scarfs as you could see by the title.

I used to wear scarfs back in Portugal from time to time and I really enjoyed using them but since I’m here in England I don’t merely “like” them… I LOVE them!!

You definitely  don’t appreciate them enough till you go somewhere colder than you are used to. My appreciation for them is way higher now and I use them regularly.

They can be styled in many ways and with different kind of clothes, from casual to sporty or even classy. My favourite one is casual cause it’s my style literally everyday, some days with a hint of sporty vibes others with a hint of classy.

 Stradivarius / Primark / Primark

(I’m sorry but I can’t remember the prices)

Those are my favourite ones, the first one is white and black and can be styled with almost everything but I like to style it with black jeans and a grey jumper.

The second one is one of my favourites cause has burgundy details and I’m loving burgundy at the moment. One example of outfit is jeans and a burgundy top.

The last one I usually style it with nude/beige tops or jumpers and with jeans. I love this because of giving pops of colour to the outfits and it kind of remembers me of Christmas…

I also like mines being bigger… like a blanket… cause they seem more cosy which is almost all we want during winter freezing days.

Now your turn… how much do you appreciate a good wrap in a scarf?

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