Best Christmas stocking

Hello everybody!!

It came the time of the year where you have to think about presents and stocking fillers and that could be really hard, specially if you’re not very good with choosing presents for other people or if you don’t really know the person very well.

Well, I have the same problem,(I guess almost every body has it, and if you don’t…. you’re really lucky!!!!!)

I saw lately some socks at different shop and you might thing it’s an old fashioned idea of a gift but if you think better, there’s so many different styles and different patterns to choose from that you could actually loose your mind just trying to pick some for somebody else!!!!

I must admit as well that in the menswear section there’s way cuter socks than in the womenswear  and that it’s a bit frustrating…

Here’s some from Next, I really thing that they have the cutest ones:

Beginning with the top row, from left to right we have:


Reindeer ones, which are a really good stocking present (and make them wear them during all Christmas day 😉 ) – £6 for a pack of two.

Marvel heroes, great for fans of the most famous heroes of our generation – £15 for a pack of five.

Fancy socks for that man in your life who actually dares to wear something different and colourful – £12 for a five pack.

Now to womenswear:

Cute Christmas socks with Santa and snowman, always a great choice for a Christmas addicted – £8 for a pack of four.

Sausage dog socks are great for sausage dog owners, I mean even if you don’t have any you’ll probably like to have them cause they are so cute!!!… – £5 for two pairs.

French bulldog socks with polka-dots and strips … I mean, they are just a classic, don’t need any recommendations…- £8 for a four pack.


Let me know in the comments if you’ve already gave socks as a present and what did the person who got them said… that must’ve been fun :-P.

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