Kiss nails review

Hello everybody!!!

I’ve been sent some acrylic nails and as I can’t grow my nails properly, at this stage I was very happy and grateful to try them!!!

I’ve tried fake nails before and they didn’t really lasted long and they felt weird on my nails so I was kind of with low expectations but I was really impressed after all…

This Kiss acrylic nails are the best ones that I’ve tried, EVER, and they really feel like mine, they are really comfortable,  sometimes I forget they are actually fake… which is great!!


And the best thing about the brand is that they actually make them in different sizes, as I have really short nails, I could finally use ones that aren’t too big for me.

Anyways… what are your thoughts on acrylic fake nails? Have you ever tried some, or you don’t have the need too? (If you don’t… I’m quite jealous of you ;-P)

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