“Home alone” (Christmas alone version)

Hello everybody!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas with your most loved ones.

Mine is spent mostly alone or with friends which is a bit different than spending it with family… believe me, friends are great but nothing can replace your family during Christmas day. ย So if you are lucky enough and you are spending Christmas with family, just appreciate it and enjoy your time with them.

If you are in a similar situation as myself this year, don’t desperate I have some tips that may help you a little bit (at least they work with me)

  1. First of all, don’t think “I wish I was with my family” constantly… that just makes everything worst… think it’s a new experience and try to Skype with them when possible.
  2. Put some Christmas spirit on yourself (let the Scrooge outside on the street) and put some Christmas songs on and sing along them as well.
  3. Use a festive outfit all day… mine’s a super cute Christmas jumper


4. And the last thing is… get surrounded by your friends… even if it’s just one… and watch a Christmas movie together. A great one is Home Alone (kind of funny considering the situation, isn’t it??!!).

Let me know what have you done on your Christmas day and what traditions do you have on that day.

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