2016 and the new year to come

Hello everybody!!

2016 is almost ending and everybody is starting doing New Years Resolutions. New Year, New Me they say… well, is actually the same you…

Besides what you might think,  you can be a different person but in within yourself you’ll remain the same… just admit it 😛

I haven’t done any New Years resolutions yet and I’m not quite sure if I’ll do them yet… Even though what a lot of people says, 2016 wasn’t that bad… besides the many actors and important people who died (which all will be remembered for many years to come) and the many other things that happened to the world, for me, this year was the one in which I could accomplish the most:

– I’ve started this blog at the beginning of this year and which I’m quite proud of, besides not being very viewed, I’m still happy to share things with those who actually read it( to whom I’m very grateful), don’t know about other bloggers but writing on my blog once a week is quite relaxing to me… nothing better than liberating your thoughts into words!

– Secondly, I’ve turned 18!!! Always an important event on our life..

– Not forgetting that I actually got my driving license, which I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy from it but anyways.

– I’ve finished high school and started university…I mean that is a big thing isn’t it?

-And most important of all, I managed (somehow) to come study in England, one of my highest moments of my life so far. Might have been the most important decision I have made so far in my life and of which I don’t regret at all…

NOW if I agree with the opinions of many others about how awful 2016 has been… no I don’t… and you can know understand why!


I’ve actually realised that I do have a resolution  for next year… I want to continue blogging and expand my reach if possible… but that I would only reach with your help, by reading it and sharing it… I would really appreciate it 😀

You can check me on social media or even contact me using my email or other social media if you would like to :

Instagram: @eugeniaseu

Twitter: @genitaseu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eugenia.seu

Email: eugeniaseu98@gmail.com

Have a happy New Year and I shall speak to you all next year!!






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