1st year Bday and New Years Eve in London

Hello everybody,

Welcome to 2017!!! This is my first blog of the year and guess what, my blog is 1 year old already!!!

My first year of blogging wasn’t as good as I would liked it to be since I’ve stopped a few months during the summer but this year I’ll make an extra effort of not stopping, let me know next year how I went through…

I’ve learned a lot, don’t really know if my content got more interesting( that’s up to you, who’s reading this, to tell me) but I’ve been enjoying writing on it more and more..

Hope this year will be even better than 2016 and hope that I’ll get more interesting things to write about, maybe trips that I can manage to do, things that I can achieve this year or even small things that can happen but might be interesting to share with you.

On a side note, I spent my New Years Eve in London, watching the fireworks and I’ll let you see some photos that I took, just because it was so amazing all that colours in the air… the only thing that they can improve in the future is adding a bit more time to that cause 12 minutes of fireworks go by very fast!!!


Cheers to many good things that can happen this year and hope to see more of you on this blog as well!!

As always, feel free to check out my social media or contact me via email:

Instagram: @eugeniaseu

Twitter: @genitaseu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eugenia.seu

Email: eugeniaseu98@gmail.com



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