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Hello everybody!

Let’s talk about food… there’s a lot of people starting their year with resolutions about getting fit and lose weight… I mean that’s a really good thing to do but we still need to eat, right?

In Southampton, where I live, opened recently this massive part of a shopping centre full restaurants and places to eat… there’s food types of all around the globe, which is amazing!!!

I’ve been recently to a Thai street food restaurant called Thaikhun and I’ve got in love about the environment and the food although, I must say the truth that I ordered a spicy meal and I should cause I couldn’t finish it and my mouth was burning, in fact my throat and my lips as well, I was drinking a sparkling apple with elderflower juice and I had to ask for a cup of water … But the good thing is that I could take the rest home and I could actually had that for dinner at the next day. Don’t get me wrong though, I really like the food.. is just that I should’ve chosen something not spicy cause I can’t handle it very well.

Anyway, I really want to go back there again and go to the other restaurants that the Watermark has to offer since every single on of them look really nice and they serve different food from around the world… Great place to eat internationally without getting out of the country… or even the city!!!

Plus, cause I went with friends, the experience was even better and funnier.

What is you favourite food? I would love to know and even try it sometime so let me know all of that in the comments or feel free to share that with me on social media.

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