Birthday + Portugal

Hello everybody!!

Last week I’ve been away… more precisely, I’ve to Portugal to see family and friends.

I really needed a holiday and this week was really great to get my energy back again … from all the Christmas work and university coursework.

I was lucky enough to get some sun( which was very needed) and I could spend my birthday there as well.

It was so good to see most of my friends and hear about what they have been doing for the past months. Since most of them are at uni as well, it’s interesting to realise how different to study abroad is.

Plus, I could finally drive again all week!!! You must think that that’s nothing special but it is for me since I’ve had a “crush” for cars since I was younger.

This week was really good… with my birthday party with my friends and family and getting all that sun, besides being cold anyway… but I’m back to England and you’d think I’d be sad but I’m not. Although I miss them all, I’m quite happy to live here and even if I have a busy day, I still feel good inside and appreciate the opportunities!

Where have you been in your last trip? Let me know on the comments and lets chat about it!!

Also, free to check my social media and contact me through it.

Instagram: @eugeniaseu

Twitter: @genitaseu







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