Perfume collection

Hello, everybody!!

I haven’t done a collection haul post in a while and I thought I could do it this week since I’ve got a few perfumes recently for my birthday. As perfumes are a most have to every person, even if you are a male or a child, it doesn’t matter really… perfumes/ fragrances are just an essential and can sometimes demonstrate someones personality.

(I won’t put any prices cause I honestly don’t know since I didn’t buy any of them myself.)

I love my collection now because the bottles are so pretty… You’ll see!!

Let’s start with the day to day fragrance, a little bottle to carry around with a light scent of raspberry… I’ve been loving those kind of scents recently, raspberry and blueberry are my favourite.

Blushing raspberry – AVON


Next is the cutest perfume bottle ever, just perfect for decoration as well and the best thing is that it can be used both during day time and night time cause the scent is suitable for both occasions. The high heel bottle shape is just gorgeous and even the box in which the perfume came in is velvet!!! How fancy is that!!



The last but not least is my favourite one… is mostly for night wear but I just love it since the first time I smelled it, even before I got it. The bottle is really cute as well and aesthetically pleasant.

Boss Nuit – HUGO BOSS

So here they are, my top three fragrances. I run out of some other perfumes recently so I didn’t include those in this haul and really need to get some more!!

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing my current collection… and now, I’d like to know what is your favourite perfume at the moment and maybe get some inspiration to buy new ones myself.

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