Hello everybody,

I’ve been seeing a lot of different skincare routines in term of what people use and it’s actually really useful to see… so here I am, ready to tell you about mine and hoping it would be useful for you.

Most of the products that I use, I’ve seen them being used by somebody else, even if I read about them in a blog post or on Youtube.

Morning routine

Consists on washing my face with the cleanser and then applying the moisturiser, before the makeup process, as simple as that.

Night routine

At night is a bit more, starting with removing my makeup with the micellar water, washing my face with the cleanser, moisturising my face and neck and finally applying the targeted gel on the blemishes that I might have at the moment.

As my skin is acne prone, I’ve discovered that this has been the best combination for my skin so far, although it doesn’t make the blemishes and marks disappear completely as I wish they did…

Products list:

  • Micellar cleansing water from Garnier
  • Targeted gel (suitable for blemished skin) from the Tea Tree range of The Body Shop
  • Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser (also suitable for blemished skin) from the Tea Tree range of  The Body Shop
  • Kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser (with multi-vitamins) from Simple

All this products are amazing but just using the products won’t help to have a flawless face since eating too much sweets and unhealthy food,  biting nails or touching our face brings a lot of microbes to your skin and that’s the main reason we have the spots in the first place. That’s the hard part of skincare my friends.

So are you lucky enough to have a good skin or you are just like me and struggle with it?

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