Truth about me blogging

Hello everybody,

This weeks’ post is going to be all about honesty of me blogging.

The story begins a few years ago when  I decided that I wanted to write in a diary (I had seen a lot of movies with teenagers writing in diaries and thought that I should try as well)… I did had a diary but didn’t commit to it enough.

Then I started using social media (mostly facebook at that time) and realised that I really enjoyed technology and how that networking “thing” was one of the best things I had seen so far.

A few years later I felt the need of start writing again but decided to try it in a different way… that’s when I created my first blog. It wasn’t the most perfect thing you have seen, it was the most basic blog you could’ve seen, but I did write some times on it. As I didn’t knew how to use it properly, I stopped using it and might’ve actually deleted it.

After that first one I created a couple more, this time about travelling, which as been one of my top hobbies ever. Again, those ones didn’t last long…since I didn’t travelled that much, I couldn’t write much about it so I deleted those as well after a few months.

I might’ve had more blogs after those but can’t remember exactly and if I did, they didn’t last either.

I’m not sure why did I started that many but never truly stuck with them… must have been because I knew that I wanted to have a blog but couldn’t find the perfect theme for it…

Until I started this one at the end of December 2015 !!!

During summer 2016 I didn’t had much time to write but ever since then I consider that my blog improved a lot. I have been writing consistently and upgraded it a bit lately, trying to put it at a closer level of the big bloggers out there.

(How do you think that turned out? Do you think I managed? What do you think I should do to improve it?)

Anyway, I managed to love this blog and it’s now a part of me.

Jenny cause it’s one of my nicknames and this is my “way” of seeing things.

I write about everything that I want to share, meaning the “lifestyle” bit, fashion because is something that I have been growing love for and beauty because I am a girl, beauty is a part of me whether I want it or not.

Prepare yourself now… this part can be boring and it’s simply an outflow.

Unlike most of the bloggers out there, I can´t reach many people and I’ve been doing it for more than a year( I’m going to be honest: I’ve put some effort but it’s not enough).

To be a successful blogger you need money, whether you want to do a review of something (that you need to buy it first), if you want to have on fleek photos you need to buy a proper camera and cute trendy decorations to attract viewers, otherwise most of them won’t even read the post. This is why it will take a bit longer for me to reach a good amount of viewers ( I’ll have to do a bucket list of all this things and buy them whenever I can).

Other thing about my blog is that I don’t normally plan upfront what to write. Most of the times(even with this one), I just sit on my laptop on a Friday or Saturday and write about whatever I feel I want to talk about that week( most of the times they don’t even make sense). And this is why I don’t get much followers, because I’m not consistent enough about subjects, I ramble about things most of the times(as I did here)… but I feel I need to.

I do try writing about something interesting but it doesn’t always happens, and that’s why I say “I’m sorry”. Sorry for bothering you and if you are still reading, you deserve a big hug from me [imagine that I’m giving it to you now 😉 ].

Just to turn this post even more pointless, here’s a few photos of buildings that I took in Oxford a few days ago:


At least your eyes will feel better.

Thanks so much if you read this till the end and don’t be scared cause I don’t normally write like this.

And if you feel even more generous go give some love to my social media:

Instagram: @eugeniaseu

Twitter: @genicaseu



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