Zara/Bershka Spring Wishlist

Hello everybody!!

Hope you are all having an amazing February so far!!

I can´t talk about other parts of England but the south side is blooming already, with flowers everywhere and the sun shining as much as he is allowed to.

Therefore, here I am, presenting to you my spring wish list from two of my favourites clothing stores.

What I like the most about the spring collections (not only Zara and Bershka) is the pastel colours that they came with and not forgetting the embroidered flowers on every piece of clothing that you can imagine… if that doesn’t sound like spring, I don’t know what could possibly do.

Let’s start then with Zara (I’ll leave the links and prices at the bottom):

So…Zara has a really cute clothing collection this season and I’ve only picked these 3 pieces to show you cause they were love at first sight but they have many others that I would definitely wear and that’s just the best thing about Zara…

That pink Jacket it’s just so beautiful and perfect for spring and summer, and… as you might know, pink is on trend this season and if you don’t want to go “Bamm” with bright pink, why not choose a pale pink instead?

Next… why not have a jumpsuit that looks like a dress? What’s not to love??? Besides looking comfortable, the jumpsuit it’s just adorable with all those flowers embroidered… and it’s black, which would make my life much easier with finding shoes and accessories to wear with it.

Last but not least comes that gorgeous suede mini skirt.. another piece of clothing that would be really easy to wear and that brings spring into your outfit right away. Another thing that made me happy was seeing another blogger wearing it on instagram stories this morning after I decided to talk about it… means that I’m not the only one thinking that it’s a really pretty piece.

Now into Bershka:

Okey, so I’m really obsessed with embroidered flowers as you can see…

But seriously, that top it’s just so pretty and delicate… and tulle t-shirts and tops are trendy this season as well, which makes everything perfect!! And it looks really good with a lacy bra-let under it and some jeans or even with a skirt for a more fancy look.

I couldn’t resist and show you a shirt (of course)… stripy shirts just remind me of summer and beaches and this one is cropped and has patches which makes it even cuter…

I could not not show here a pair of distressed jeans with cactus patches on just ready for warmer weather… plus, light blue jeans are perfect to wear with pastel tops or even with that shirt on the left.

Here are the links:

∴ ZARA pink jacket (£59.99) –

∴ ZARA Embroidered flowers jumpsuit (£29.99) –

∴ ZARA  Suede embroidered flowers mini skirt ( £49.99) –

∴ BERSHKA Tulle t-shirt (£15.99) –

∴ BERSHKA Striped shirt (£19.99) – httpps://

∴BERSHKA Relaxed jeans (£45.99) –


I would love to know what are your favourite pieces for spring so leave a comment on that or share it on my twitter or even tag me on instagram:

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Twitter: @genicaseu


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5 thoughts on “Zara/Bershka Spring Wishlist

  1. What a rad selection, love the bershka top

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    1. Thanks, glad that you think that Xx

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