Getting away from black clothes

Hello everybody!

I’ve came up with an issue lately and I’d like to share it with you since you might have the same problem as I do.

I’ve been noticing lately that I’m highly attracted to black. Not even just clothes but accessories as well, like bags or shoes.It’s all about clothing styles and other things related although I, personally don’t have any specific style so this might relate to you or may not…

Probably I wouldn’t have noticed that if it wasn’t the amount of colours that are out there at the moment but the fact is: I have a problem!!

Just so you can understand the point, I’ll give you a few examples:

  • All my bags are black!!! (Except a silver clutch)
  • Both of my sunglasses are mostly black..
  • And I went to Primark a few days ago and went to try clothes(oh uau, what a big deal!!!), and what I realized when I got in the fitting room was that all the clothes that I had in my hands were black!!

You might be thinking:” What’s wrong about black??!! Black goes with everything, is easy to put on an outfit based with black clothes and it looks good on almost everyone!!… This post is pointless… Bla bla bla…”

I’ll be like: “I completely agree with you!!! I love black on everything!!”

But let’s be honest, spring makes us think a bit different!! Spring is all about colours and as bright as possible with gorgeous reds, pinks, yellows, blues and, of course, whites!!!

And that’s when I get to the conclusion that I really need help!! Most of the times, I see a piece of clothing, try it on in different colours and decide that the black is the best one and “I’ll take that one”. Well that’s something that I really need to improve. Make an effort to go against my first instinct and go outside my beloved black.

I think I’ll never be strong enough to cut completely with it but I’ll definitely be strong to the point of decreasing the amount(besides, a good pair of black jeans is never too much… specially with a bright red or pink top!!)

On a side note: Go ahead and enjoy the marvellous things that spring gives us, go for light colours and flowers!! Go for what makes you feel like a princess!! And I mean it!! Enjoy that pink is on trend this season and go back to when your wardrobe was half pink cause nobody is going to judge you for that!!!

Also, have a look at my spring wish lists. I tried to get away of too much black, although some pieces are black (but with other colours on it as well!!!):

Zara/Bershka Spring Wishlist

Spring Shoe wishlist

On another side note: I wish to all of you that read this post, an awesome spring, filled with outdoor adventures and cute pictures to post on Instagram 😛 !!

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Also, leave a comment on here or on my social media, I would really appreciate if we could communicate more often and not just me writing 😉

♥ you loads, Jenny



4 thoughts on “Getting away from black clothes

  1. I love dark colours too 😊


    1. Glad that I’m not the only one😊. I’ve been loving grey in all shades at the moment as well😄. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE black as well! My entire wardrobe is neutral colours and I am not ashamed of it! It also means I can buy lovely colourful shoes for a pop! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s a really good point!! Most of my shoes are black atm, I’m trying to buy more colourful ones… Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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