Hello everybody!!

Welcome back to another post in this tiny place of the WWW (World Wide Web) that I like to call: Jenny’s way!

The world is really wide, is actually bigger than what we think and that’s what amuses me the most. So many things to see, so many places to be, so much to experience in a short amount of time, which I like to call our life.

Yes, I’ll be going through what travel means to me and you’ll probably associate yourself with it or probably not, that’s what I want to know at the end of the post so leave a comment at the end so we can compare our thoughts.

First of all, do you know what travel means? Well I didn’t know the exact meaning before writing this post but I just knew it was something that was in me, whether I wanted or not. Maybe it was born alongside with me.( Thanks mom :-*)

Well travel means: “make a journey, typically of some length”

That sums up what we all think about travel but for me that means something more.

It’s making the journey of our life… (meaning the length part). (This seams very philosophical but for me it makes perfect sense).

Several years ago, people weren’t used to travel much, they just stayed in their cute houses doing what they thought it was all they could do, whilst the world was waiting for them. It eventually came to their minds that there was something more outside their little boxes and we are now in the era where there are little people that don’t actually travel.

I feel very happy to have been born in this era and I’m definitely not the only one wander-lusting all the time, adding on my mental list a new place to visit everyday.

The pros of travelling you ask?

  • Let’s begin with the most clear one: you get to see other places!!!
  • You get to meet other people, talk, laugh, cry, have deep conversations with them.Get to know other cultures!
  • Make friendships that will probably last the rest of your lives.
  • Actually learn new languages, which is always interesting in my opinion( knowing 3 myself,plus counting, I find it very useful)
  • There are obviously other reasons but for me, feeling happy is definitely the most important. Every time that I travel, I feel something in me that makes me lighter than feathers and keeps me smiling all the way.

I would actually dare and say that I LOVE travelling (uau, big commitment :-P).

I mind sound like a crazy person rambling but I bet that there’s someone out there that feels the same!!!

What do you feel when you travel? And what do you think about it?

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