The power of Networking

Hello everybody!!

In this post I’ll be going through my opinion on networking and why I think is fundamental these days no matter which area of “life” (yes, I mean it) you are in.

At the Cambridge dictionary website, “Networking” comes as “The process of meeting and talking to a lot of people in order to get information that can help you”.

In my opinion you couldn’t put the meaning of networking in a easier definition and I’m pretty sure that most of us, internet people (and consider yourself being an internet person as well cause if you are reading this, you definitely use internet on a daily basis), well, us, know what that means or at least have an idea of what it means.

Even if you didn’t (cause now you do), you’ve definitely networked before.

We humans have been networking since ever, although, at the time it wasn’t called networking. It’s something that most of us do very easily, being natural to talk to people and meeting new people regularly, others have a bit of difficulty with it for many different reasons as for being shy or even having Anthrophobia( Social phobia) meaning having fear of being around people.

Networking is very important these days, is essential even. There’s many ways of networking, from talking face to face with someone, over the phone or even online (as it is more usual nowadays). All the technologies that have been developed over the recent years made networking tones of times easier and we can reach way more people, widening our network field and enabling us to gain new experiences faster and achieve something in our lives much easier and faster than before.

Meeting people face to face is always the best option to actually know the person and be able to tell if they are genuine or not but the new technologies are obviously a major “point of sale” for networking.

There’s many different amazing networking websites out there for whatever situation, from professional till casual. One of my favourites is definitely Linkedin, mainly because I’m doing a business related degree and is really useful to network with people within the field but it’s a plus even if you’re not involved with business. You can find people and companies from all over the globe and with different interests.

Another big network website is Facebook, on a more casual note but still does the job of connecting people from different places and it’s better known than Linkedin.

There are many advantages on being connected to those networks:

  • Make friends.
  • Gain experience and learn new things from people you meet.
  • Maybe find your future boss or know about your dream job.
  • Maybe find your future partner in business.
  • Grow on your profession
  • Be successful

And many other advantages depending on each one of us out there networking everyday for multiple reasons.

If you begin networking as soon as possible, for example, when you are still at university (or school, if you’re not going/ didn’t went to uni), your chances of finding a job and  careers increases a lot!!

So be brave and adventure out there, meet new people and maybe one day you’ll be rewarded in a big way and you’ll be grateful for all the people you have met during the way.

Let me know what is your opinion on networking and if you are part of it and do it regularly!

Plus, feel free to network with me!!!:

Instagram: @eugeniaseu

Twitter: @genicaseu



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Also, the amount of times that I wrote “networking” or “network” in this post is unbelievable… Guess I’ve made a point with it Xx



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