Wanderlust p.2 (Road Trips)

Hello everybody,

If you’re not new to my blog, you know that I do enjoy travelling, A LOT!!

If you ARE new then go check the part one of my wanderlust series so you can understand the dimension of this Love.

I wasn’t suppose to make the Wanderlust post part of a series but I’ve came up with the idea of writing about it more often since is something that might interest more people to read about and since it’s easy for me to write it as well.

Well in this post I’ll be going through a dream of mine, something that I really want to do in the future (maybe when I’ll graduate xx) and it just makes my heart jump of excitement every time that I think about it.

“Road Trip”

You might think is nothing special and it’s something that takes time and effort and you’d probably prefer to spend your holidays at the beach, getting some tan on, relaxing and not thinking about much during your stay at some nice hotel with a great view..

Well, that doesn’t sound very bad to me neither and I wouldn’t mind having a holiday like that someday but meanwhile, while I’m a “young sole” *laugh* , a road trip is exactly my holiday dream.

The idea of renting a car and go on an adventure crossing a country from one end to the other and not having many plans about it sounds the perfect kind of “break” that I want.

Of course there are some things that I would have to consider, like:

  • Cities to stop at.
  • Best roads to travel through (for example: I wouldn’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours or damage the car because the roads are really bad, etc…).
  • Get an idea of interesting things to see on the way.

But overall, enjoy the experience as it goes, stopping in small villages or big cities to take pictures (just cause I really want to improve my photography skills and nothing better than practising… “practice leads to perfection”) and try different food from different places (cause “food is life”… I’m wise af today lol ).

I could go on and on about Road Trips but I don’t want to be over boring so I’ll just stop here for now.

To end this post I’ll leave here some of the Road trips that I REALLY want to do:

  • Italy : It’s a beautiful country and the food is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!
  • UK : Not just England but the whole United Kingdom. There are loads of small villages that I want to discover, photos that I want to take and pubs that I want to go to.
  • USA : I mean, the famous american Road Trips that everybody heard about. I have all the reasons to want to do it. Food, photos, people, things to see and things to do. The list is endless but I know it’s a Road Trip a bit harder to achieve but I can still dream about it, right??

I’m sure that there’s many other places where I want to do a Road Trip at but for now I’ll dream about these ones. Plus, I hope I can get a job that will sustain all my endless wanderlust. Pray for me please *-*

Well, thanks ever so much for making a visit to my blog and have a look at my other posts as well, here are the last ones:

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Give it a follow and leave a comment of your wanderlust dreams.

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